MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4 GB Review 48

MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4 GB Review

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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

The Lord of the Rings universe is legendary, and you get to be a part of it. Set in the time between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor takes you into an open world dominated by the struggle between the forces of good and evil. Talion, your character, is garrisoned near the Black Gate which is run over by Sauron's orc army. Through the plot, you battle orc leaders of various ranks. Killing a high-ranked general will lead to unrest amongst his followers, and one of these followers will eventually rise to replace his dead master to avenge his death. Monolith is using the latest version of their LithTech Juper EX engine - previous iterations have been used in the F.E.A.R. Series, for example. The game uses DirectX 11 with Tessellation and such modern rendering techniques as Order Independent Transparency. We used the in-game benchmark for our performance testing.

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