MSI Immerse GH61 Review 0

MSI Immerse GH61 Review

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The Package

The MSI Immerse GH61 comes in a large, beautiful box that looks like it contains a pair of high-end hi-fi headphones rather than a USB gaming headset. The headset, supplied ESS Sabre DAC/amp, and all of their key features are depicted and documented on the box.

Inside, you'll find a massive hard-shell carrying case. After unzipping it, we finally get a first look at the MSI Immerse GH61 gaming headset and ESS Sabre DAC/amp, both of which are surrounded and completely protected by foam. On the left side of the case is a pocket containing the supplied accessories.

Here's everything you'll get in the box: the headset itself, aforementioned ESS Sabre DAC/amp, and hard-shell carrying case, as well as a secondary pair of ear pads and a user manual.
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