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My previous two encounters with MSI's gaming headsets went rather well. Both the $50 analogue Immerse GH30 (reviewed here) and $70 USB-powered Immerse GH50 (reviewed here) had some minor quirks, but ended up offering great value for the money in their respective price brackets.

The Immerse GH61, which will be the focal point of this review, takes things to a higher level. It's equipped with a pair of 40-millimeter dynamic speaker drivers which have been installed by the famous hi-fi brand Onkyo. They're powered by an ESS Sabre USB DAC and headphone amplifier, but MSI didn't stop there; they've also added a retractable microphone, two pairs of ear pads made out of different materials, and a massive hard-shell carrying case. With all that in mind, you're probably mentally preparing for a massive price tag. However, that's not the case—the MSI Immerse GH61 is priced at $100, which isn't at all unreasonable if going by the specifications alone. Even though it comes with a USB DAC/headphone amp, the headset also offers 3.5-mm analogue connectivity, making it easily pairable with a wide variety of gaming platforms.


  • 40-mm Onkyo dynamic drivers (neodymium magnet)
  • 32 Ω impedance
  • 20–40,000 Hz frequency response (specified by the manufacturer)
  • Closed-back over-ear design
  • Retractable, unidirectional microphone
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • 1.2 m audio cable (3.5 mm) + 1 m USB cable
  • In-line ESS Sabre USB DAC/amp with microphone mute, volume, and surround sound buttons
  • Weight: 300 g
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