Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Review 4

Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Review


Value & Conclusion

  • The Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 goes for 110 Euro including taxes. Expect a similar price tag in US Dollar for the USA.
  • Excellent sound encapsulation
  • Flexibility between silence and air flow
  • Flexible radiator placement in ceiling of chassis
  • Unique Air Chimney
  • I/O panel can be hidden
  • Front fans can be accessed from the front of the chassis
  • 3.5" adapter for external drive bay included
  • Extension cable for motherboard included
  • 2-channel fan controller included
  • Three silent fans included
  • Includes rubber grommets to close off rear water-cooling openings
  • Removable dust filters on all intake areas
  • Extremely flexible HDD placement
  • All black cabling
  • Available in four colors
  • The top I/O panel does not flush with the rest of the cover
  • Screw-less locks for external bays too weak
  • Geared more towards sound encapsulation, not dampening
  • "Air Chimney" a bit too fragile
  • PSU bay should have four rubber mounts
  • Motherboard expansion slot covers hard to get out of the chassis
There is no denying it. The Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 is gunning straight for the Fractal Design R4. It shares quite a few elements with that successful case, but does take things a bit further.
First, there is the aspect of price: the Deep Silence 1 costs 15 Euros more than the Define R4. But what does that extra money buy you? Three instead of two fans, a better fan controller, and the ability to install an external 3.5" device right out of the box. Thus, from a price point, the Deep Silence 1, albeit a bit more expensive, offers a bit more, which results in a similar price/performance ratio.
That leaves feature set and implementation. The Deep Silence 1 does, in this regard, offer functionality that is a tick more elaborate, which results in more flexibility because of the "Air Chimney", its extremely flexible trio of hard-drive cages, and the dual channel fan controller. The Deep Silence 1 trumps the Define R4 in these areas, but falls somewhat short in the tool-less lock department. While the DS1 offers plastic locks, they are, essentially, not strong enough, pressuring the user into using traditional screws as well. The R4, on the other hand, goes for thumbscrews right out of the box.
It is, even with aspects that are completely different between the Deep Silence 1 and R4, a close call. The Deep Silence 1 scores with two doors, which swing open in the right direction, while the R4 fires back with eight expansion slots and better sound dampening materials. What really sets the Nanoxia Deep Silent 1 apart from the competition is its water cooling compatibility. With multiple sets of mounting holes in the ceiling, one can easily install a radiator of their choice within the chassis and still use the Air Chimney design to combine air flow with as much sound encapsulation as possible. So, ultimately, the Deep Silence 1 is an excellent first chassis from Nanoxia that has a few surprises up its sleeve - well done!
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