Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review 3

Nitro Concepts S300 EX Gaming Chair Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Nitro Concepts S300EX Series retails for $299.99 in the United States and €269.90 in the EU (excluding VAT), while the Nitro Concepts S300 with the fabric cover retails for $240 in the United States and €250 in the EU (excluding VAT).
  • Price
  • Overall build quality
  • Wide dimensions
  • Soft PU cover
  • Generous padding
  • Complimentary neck- and lumbar-support cushions
  • Adjustable dimensions
  • Steel frame
  • 3D armrests
  • Four classy color options
  • The armrests slide back and forth too easily
  • Quite small armrests
Almost every gaming chair nowadays used the bucket-seat design as it seems to dominate the gaming-chair industry. Every company nevertheless tries to also find ways for its products to stand out from the crowd. Unique to Nitro Concepts seems to be the good performance-per-dollar ratio. In this case, the S300 EX offers a lot for its price compared to similar products.

The S300 series offers plenty of options. I very much liked the fabric-covered S300, which is an affordable gaming chair and comes in eight different colors with a five-star base in matching colors. The S300 EX is of a similar design to the S300—still different in some ways, it is large enough to accommodate users of up to the listed maximum weight limitation with ease. That said, the cover for the S300 EX is different in both quality and looks. The S300 EX comes in four classy color schemes: Radiant White, Stealth Black, Carbon Black, and Inferno Red, which is the color of my sample, and it's priced higher than the S300. The PU pleather and flame logo certainly make the S300 an attractive option, and its value is not as high as with other gaming chairs with covers of similar quality.

However, there are always some minor negatives for me to cover. I did find a manufacturing fault on the right side of the seat's cover, which probably occurred during assembly, but thankfully the fix was easy. The armrests are slightly smaller in width than what I am used to, and moving them back and forth may happen accidentally since there is no button for it. In a nutshell, the S300 EX is a well-constructed gaming chair that offers a very comfortable sitting experience and is affordably priced. The options for a variety of colors, either classy or super intense, and a different type of cover if PU pleather is too dull for you are also nice to have.
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