Nitro Concepts Series S300 Gaming Chair Review 2

Nitro Concepts Series S300 Gaming Chair Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chair retails for €250 (incl. 19% VAT) in Europe and $240 in the States.
  • Price
  • Overall build quality
  • Wide dimensions
  • Soft fabric cover
  • Padding is plentiful
  • Adjustable and detachable neck- and lumbar-support cushions
  • Adjustable dimensions
  • Steel frame
  • Rocking mechanism
  • 3D armrests
  • Eight different color options
  • The armrests slide to the back and sides easily
  • 135 degrees recline
  • The rocking mechanism is stiff
  • The fabric will possibly be hard to clean
With most of us doing nearly all of our shopping online, we are left without the ability to actually try a product before we buy it. We then end up reading through other people's assessments, and those might not be all that objective. I personally prefer to gather feedback from more than three users in order to form a clear picture of a chair's pros and cons in my mind before drawing my conclusion on a product. The S300 gaming chair is the first chair we got our hands on from Nitro Concepts, and it managed to surprise all of us positively from the first minute.

Both the backrest and sitting area are reinforced with a steel frame, and with the class 4 gas lift, this gaming chair can hold someone who weighs up to 135 kg (297.62 lb). This chair is broad, which means users will not feel confined despite the contoured edges on both the backrest and seat.

This chair uses the popular bucket seat design most chairs adhere to, with an upholstery cover that makes all the difference. The breathable fabric and plenty of cushioning make for a very comfortable sitting area one can spend hours in without feeling uncomfortable or tired, and sweat also won't be a problem because of the breathable material. We just hope the fabric's white stripes are easily cleaned if they get dirty. The chair's aesthetics with white ascents will make it go well with most gaming environments, and it also would not look bad in a working environment since black and white is a classic combination. Finally, all who have used this chair in our lab mentioned that the backrest was comfortable and really supportive for their back even without a lumbar support cushion.

The two-year warranty appears to be realistic since this is a budget product covered in a fabric upholstery, which might wear out sooner than any real leather gaming chair. Moreover, the S300 gaming chair is certified with a DIN EN 1335 German office chair certification, which gives it the clearance to be used in a business environment as well.

There are two sides to every coin, though, and such is the case with the S300 gaming chair as well. The armpads slide back and forth and to the sides easily and often accidentally. The rocking mechanism is a bit stiff, and if a user weighs less than 80 kg (176.36 lb), making use of it means having the backrest lean back by quite a bit. Another thing that came to my attention was that the caster wheels are harder to roll than with other chairs.

With all of the above said, I believe the Nitro Concepts S300 to be a fine choice considering its low price tag, which is currently set at €249.90 (incl. 19% VAT) in the EU and $240 in the US. It is cozy, incredibly comfortable, and includes those ergonomic features most gaming chairs feature, making it an attractive choice for potential buyers within a budget.

If the black and white color scheme is not to your liking, Nitro Concepts has another seven vibrant color combinations for the same asking price; galactic blue, horizon orange, inferno red, stealth black, astral yellow, atomic green, and a dedicated SL Benfica Lisbon edition.
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