noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather Gaming Chair Review 26

noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather Gaming Chair Review

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We would like to thank noblechairs for supplying the review sample.

Several years ago, I didn't pay much attention to my office chair, and it didn't end well. The pain in my back still reminds me of those foolish days. I have since been picking my office chairs carefully and have gone through quite a few until I found a suitable one. For people like me who work in front of a monitor for several hours a day, the best peripherals are probably a good keyboard and mouse combo, a top-notch monitor, and, of course, a very comfortable chair. Every once in a while, you do have to get up and move around since even a very expensive high-end chair won't feel comfortable enough after several hours of use. So far, I have only trusted the quality and comfort of my Ergohuman chair, which cost a bomb; however, I have now given noblechairs a shot. A company that makes gaming chairs, noblechairs boasts that its products are of high quality, featuring great ergonomics and comfort. We will soon figure out whether those claims hold true.

noblechairs is a fairly new company dedicated to bringing high-quality chairs to market that meet the demands of gamers, enthusiasts, and power users. The fresh EPIC series of chairs sets the quality bar incredibly high since nothing but premium quality materials such as real leather are used. Not only has noblechairs' German design team paid close attention to usability and good quality, but their chairs also look amazing, touting a timeless look that will stay relevant for several years down the road yet. noblechairs' EPIC chairs do look stylish and remind me of the seats found in ultra-expensive luxury cars. According to their maker, their build quality is close to perfect due to automated industrial robots in their production line. Their build quality is definitely also something we will take a thorough look at in this review.

While there are the very expensive real leather EPIC chairs, noblechairs also offers identical models out of PU faux leather as more affordable alternatives. Those lower-priced chairs also come in a variety of color combinations, including black-red, black-gold, and black-blue. Good quality PU is able to offer characteristics similar to genuine leather. However, we are pretty sure most enthusiast users will go for their leather models instead.

So far, noblechairs has a set of three different Epic Series chairs in its arsenal; there are the Epic series gaming chairs with a €339 price tag, each, the SK Gaming Edition chairs that are €10 more expensive, and their more expensive Real Leather alternatives for €550 each.

noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather Brown/Beige Gaming Chair
Features & Specs
Main ColorBrown
Side Strip ColorBrown (smooth feel)
Stitchings ColorBeige
Logo Segment ColorBrown
Logo Embroidery ColorGold
Pillows Colors
Black with golden embroidery
Total Height (with base)131 - 141 cm
Height Adjustability49.5 - 59.5 cm
Width Backrest (shoulder level)54.5 cm
Width Backrest (pelvis level)52 cm
Width Backrest (point of contact)29.5 cm
Length Backrest 87 cm
Backrest Adjustability (static)90° - 135°
Width Seating Area (total)56 cm
Width Seating Area (point of contact) 35 cm
Depth Seating Area (total)56.5 cm
Depth Seating Area (point of contact)49.5 cm
Width Armrest:10.5 cm
Depth Armrest
27 cm
Armrests Adjustable
Yes (four-dimensional)
Rocking Mechanism
max. 11°
Maximum Weight (user)
120 kg
Package Dimensions
84 x 38 x 70 cm
Net Weight (chair):27 kg
Product Number:
Warranty2 years
Price at time of Review (exc. VAT)$549.9
The warranty should be longer since leather keeps its good shape for a while under even tough conditions.
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