noblechairs Hero Real Leather Gaming Chair Review 13

noblechairs Hero Real Leather Gaming Chair Review

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We would like to thank noblechairs for supplying the review sample.

Currently, there are gaming-branded products aplenty in the market because the gaming label probably attracts more attention than others, which translates into more sales. Gaming products are supposed to offer quality and make even long gaming sessions more comfortable. Since you also pay slightly more, you can expect more flexibility compared to non-gaming products, which is unfortunately not always the case if our experiences are anything to go by. A gamer or streamer certainly wants to stand out from the crowd as well, which is why most of them want vivid colors, witty designs, and, above all, topnotch quality.

When it comes to gaming chairs, things are of course quite similar. That impressive (and omni-present) bucket-seat design commonly seen in performance cars is one of the most well-known designs today. Apart from the jazzy color patterns, we have lately come across chairs embellished with RGB lighting as an extra twist, which adds a bit more to the retail price. noblechairs hasn't yet embraced the embellishment of its products with intense colors or extreme features like RGB lighting because its designers clearly defy these modern trends, preferring a more timeless approach instead.

The largest chair noblechairs has ever launched belongs to the Hero series. The steel frame and aluminium base make this chair robust enough to hold someone of up to 150 kg (330 lb). The broad sitting base and large backrest can easily accommodate a big user. The Hero gaming chair comes in a choice of two different upholsteries; PU pleather and top grain leather, with each having a different price tag. We already reviewed the Hero with the PU upholstery, and it is nigh time to now evaluate the real leather version. Its price is rather stiff at $719.99 (554.54 without VAT in Europe), but it has some aces up its sleeve which, aside from the fine quality real leather, include the integrated lumbar-support system (also included in the PU Hero) and a more comfortable sitting base than the PU edition.

noblechairs Hero Real Leather Features & Specifications
Main Color:Black
Accent Color:Black
Stitching Color:Red
Logo Segment Color:Black and Gold
Upholstery Material:

Top grain real leather

Upholstery Thickness:

1.7 mm (0.06")

Width of Seat (total):52 cm (20.47")
Width of Sitting Area (point of contact): 35 cm (13.78")
Depth of Seat:

55 cm (21.65")

Floor to Base:

48–56 cm (18.89–22.048 ")

Total Height:

129–137 cm (50.78–53.94 ")

Width of Backrest (shoulder level):

57 cm (22.44")

Width of Backrest (contact level):

32.5 cm (12.8")

Width at the Lowest Point of Contact (pelvis level):

56 cm (22.05")

Height of Backrest:89 cm (35.04")
Backrest Adjustability:90°–135°
Armrests Adjustability:Yes; 4D (up/down, left/right, front/back, swivel)
Distance Between Armrests:66–69 cm (25.98–27.16 ")
Width of Armrests:10.5 cm (4.13")
Depth of Armrests:27 cm (10.62")
Height to Floor for Armrests:66-76 cm (25.98–29.92 ")
Gas Lift:Class 4
Tilt:max. 11°
Adjustable Tilting Resistance:45°
Maximum Weight (user):150 Kg (330 lbs)
Base Material:Aluminium
Caster Size & Material:60 mm Nylon/polyurethane coated
Neck & Lumbar Support Cushions:Complimentary with velour cover
Net Weight:30 Kg (66.13 lbs)
Warranty:2 years
Price at Time of Review (excluding VAT):$719.99 (€554.54)
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