noblechairs Hero Real Leather Gaming Chair Review 13

noblechairs Hero Real Leather Gaming Chair Review

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General Impression

To begin with, assemble the chair to make use of it! The illustrated manual is thorough—follow its steps exactly as mentioned and assembly will be a breeze.

As indicated on the sticker, make sure not to pull the backrest tilt lever during assembly because you might injure yourself. Three bolts with a washer and a split washer come as spares in case a bolt gets lost or is damaged. If you do not wish to spend too much time on assembling the chair, make sure you have another set of hands around to help you out.

With so many gaming chairs in the market, there should be tell-tale signs that set low to high-end chairs apart. Also, the price range of gaming chairs can sometimes be chaotic as the difference is often only a few bucks. Consequently, to be able to give readers looking to buy a gaming chair a comprehensive overview, we had to find some standards by which to better classify gaming chairs. However, doing so is not as easy as it sounds because it takes as much information as possible from the manufacturing company, and in many cases, enough information is simply not made available.

That said, even chairs have some certifications to show how suitable they are for certain applications. Needless to say, the more certifications a product has, the more its price is affected since certifications aren't free. The Hero series complies with the European Standard DIN EN 1335 for office work chairs, which includes mechanical test methods for determining the stability, strength and durability of office work chairs. A gaming chair with the certification can be purchased as an office work chair in European countries. We are not aware of other gaming chairs causing any problems if bought for an office environment, though. Additionally, the real leather upholstery is anti-mold, which makes it a good option for places with high humidity.

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