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We would like to thank noblechairs for supplying the review sample.

A few years ago, we came across the noblechairs brand and its premium products. This German brand produces gaming chairs for demanding users who don't shy away from investing a significant amount of money into increasing their comfort while gaming or working from a desk. We reviewed quite a few noblechairs products so far, and all of them have certain features in common—high build quality, exquisite design, and fine ergonomics, for instance.

In this review, we will unveil the features of a chair we first saw at Computex 2018. The Hero has been created in collaboration with noblechairs' German designers and several eSports professionals, and it is the company's newest product. It comes in nine different color editions and two upholstery options; seven of these nine models are covered in polyurethane (PU) vegan faux leather, while two models utilize real top grain leather. noblechairs' ambition is for its products to be widely accessible, and the Hero's two different upholsteries each have a different price tag: the PU leather editions cost $439.99, while the real leather editions are pricier at $719.99. Furthermore, noblechairs launched two special edition gaming chairs with a slightly higher price tag than the PU edition.

The Hero sports a nice and elegant design. Its dimensions are wider than other noblechairs products, and its major differentiating feature is its integrated, adjustable lumbar support. It also features dense cold foam, which covers the chair's sturdy steel frame, and has been certified with the European standard DIN EN 1335 for office chairs. In our last review, we came across a gaming chair with an embedded footrest, and it made for a fascinating addition. Since we are talking about comfort and long hours of use, noblechairs offers a matching footrest as an extra accessory as well.

noblechairs Hero Black/Blue Features & Specs
Main Color:Black
Accent Color:Black
Stitching Color:Blue
Upholstery Material:

PU vegan faux leather

Thickness of Upholstery:

1.5 mm (0.6")

Width of Seat (total):52 cm (20.47")
Width of Sitting Area (point of contact): 50 cm (19.69")
Depth of Seat:

55 cm (21.65")

Floor to Base:

48–56 cm (18.89–22.048 ")

Total Height:

129–137 cm (50.78–53.94 ")

Width of Backrest (shoulder level):

57 cm (22.44")

Width of Backrest (contact level):

32.5 cm (12.8")

Width at the Lowest Point of Contact (pelvis level):

56 cm (22.05")

Height of Backrest:89 cm (35.04")
Backrest Adjustability:90°–135°
Armrests Adjustability:Yes; 4D (up/down, left/right, front/back, swivel)
Distance Between Armrests:66–69 cm (25.98–27.16 ")
Width of Armrests:10.5 cm (4.13")
Depth of Armrests:27 cm (10.62")
Height to Floor for Armrests:66-76 cm (25.98–29.92 ")
Lumbar Neck Support:Two pillows provided
Gas Lift:Class 4
Tilt:max. 11°
Adjustable Tilting Resistance:45°
Maximum Weight (user):150 Kg (330 lbs)
Base Material:Aluminium
Caster Size & Material:60 mm Nylon/polyurethane coated
Neck & Lumbar Support Cushions:Complimentary with velour cover
Net Weight:30 Kg (66.13 lbs)
Warranty:2 years
Price at Time of Review (excluding VAT):PU edition: €336.05 ($439.99)
Real Leather edition: €554.54 ($719.99)
PU footrest: €100.76 ($119.90)
Real Leather footrest: €142.77 ($169.90)
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