NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX vs. 7950 GX2 Review 38

NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX vs. 7950 GX2 Review

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Today we take a look at the NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2 1024MB, which is NVIDIA's current high-end graphic card. While the GeForce 7900 GTX 512MB was released during CeBit '06, the GeForce 7950 GX2 is the successor of the GeForce 7900 GX2 1024MB which is quite long and certainly will not fit into just any PC. Nonetheless the 7950 GX2 is advertised as a single graphic card, even with its two PCBs as it only takes one PCIe x16 slot and does not necessarily need a SLI capable chipset to run.

NVIDIA and ATI have been bunny hopping each other more than ever before, with both companies refreshing their high-end cards. NVIDIA clearly had an upper hand with their SLI technology from an implementation stand point. It is much easier to use as you only need two identical cards to run in SLI. So making two PCBs and connecting it together to run on one PCIe x16 slot was not all that hard to do.

We will compare the performance of the 7900 GTX 512MB and the 7950 GX2 1024MB in various resolutions and quality settings.
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