NVIDIA GeForce Titan X 12 GB Review 218

NVIDIA GeForce Titan X 12 GB Review

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Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 takes you into a city completely overrun by zombies after a viral outbreak. You quickly team up with survivors to uncover what really happened. Hordes of zombies are in your way, and you get to take them down with anything that can shoot, is blunt or sharp, or can explode. Throughout the game, you will find blueprints to weapons you can manufacture by using commonly available parts found all over the city, which will turn you into an unstoppable zombie killing machine - or simply run zombies over with one of many available vehicles. Capcom Vancouver is using their own proprietary engine called Forge. It is optimized to handle the zombie hordes you will encounter in Dead Rising 3's open world environment. Due to the deferred renderer, multisample Antialiasing is not available.

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