NVIDIA GeForce Titan X 12 GB Review 218

NVIDIA GeForce Titan X 12 GB Review

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Watch Dogs has been one of the most anticipated titles in 2014. In this open world, third person title, you follow a hacker who's trying to solve the death of his niece through Chicago. You will also fight ctOS, a city wide computer network that controls almost all of the city's technology and information, but also provides you with ways to solve mission objectives through surveillance and hacking.

The game uses Ubisoft's new Disrupt engine, which has its roots in AnvilNext (Assassin's Creed series) and Dunia (Far Cry series). Having been released on next-gen consoles first, the game will use loads of video memory with Ultra Textures enabled, along with DirectX 11, tessellation, and advanced shader and lighting effects. We tested with the game set to Ultra, but left anti-aliasing disabled.

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