NZXT HALE82-850-M 850 W Review 1

NZXT HALE82-850-M 850 W Review

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NZXT is a company specialized to provide what gamers need and according to their claims their products put consumers first. Since they design products for hardware enthusiasts and gamers, it was essential to include some PSUs in their offerings so they started with a high-end line, the HALE90, from which we have reviewed the 750W model in the past and now they decided to release a new line, HALE82, which targets the budget oriented users/gamers.

The HALE82 PSUs feature 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency, a semi-modular cabling design and contrary to the HALE90 units they have a black finish, however the fan is still painted in white. In this review we will test the HALE82 850M which, as its name implies, has 850W capacity while the “M” letter most likely stands for “Modular” meaning of course the modular cabling design the unit features. This PSU has a single +12V rail which can deliver nearly its full power, consequently the minor rails are generated from +12V via DC-DC converters. The use of VRMs in a Bronze unit means that the design is contemporary so we should expect decent, to say the least, performance and high efficiency regardless the relatively low 80 PLUS rating. You will find out more about the unit’s performance on the following pages.

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