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NZXT Tempest Review

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NZXT shipped the case in standard carton-type packaging. I haven't seen any handles for carrying it and since it's heavy you'll have to pick it up as there is no other way to move the package around. Taking the case out from the top is never easy as the box keep sticking to the sides. The best and unquestionable way to take it out of course is to put it upside down and lift up the box. From the first looks the box does not look distinctive from any other packages I've seen. It's not unique in any way, nor does it appeal to me. It comes with standard list of features, specs and marketing blabber. The sides come with further information about the particular model you've ordered and list of items found inside.

So what protects the Tempest inside the box? A thin plastic bag going over the case and the already mentioned foam support blocks to keep the case in one place and one piece. That, I believe is a sufficient path to protect the case though I've seen manufacturers use additional ways to guard the goods inside. For example: material bags and foam blocks placed between the case and carton walls.

As far as the bundle is concerned, NZXT Tempest comes with three different packs of screws (even though companies always include an excess of them), mounting rails, speaker, tightening accessories and instructions manual -- that's all you need to get started.
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