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OCZ Agility 2 120 GB SSD Review

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OCZ is one of the major players on the consumer SSD market. This is thanks to their early engagement in solid-state technology and constant innovation trying push the market. Being one of the leaders in SSD technology it is to be expected that they are selling drives that are based on the latest Sandforce SSD controllers which are all the hype right now.

OCZ's Sandforce SF-1200 based Agility 2 comes in two versions, one normal and one extended capacity version which reduces the overprovisioning on the flash in return for more storage capacity. Overprovisioning is a way for the SSD to have more work area, even when the disk is nearly full which translates into higher performance. Recent testing by OCZ has shown that the normal overprovisioning is too much for most consumer use cases which results in precious capacity being wasted. The "normal" Agility 2 is available in capacities from 40 GB to 400 GB and the "extended" version is available from 60 GB to 480 GB. With a price point of $329 the Agility 2 120 GB is sitting in the normal range for a Sandforce SF-1200 based 120 GB solid state drive.

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Brand:OCZ Technology
Model:Agility 2 120 GB
Controller:Sandforce SF-1200
Flash Type:MLC, 34 nm
Form Factor2.5"
Capacity120 GB
Interface:SATA II
TRIM supported:Yes
NCQ supported:Yes
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