OCZ Eclipse & Behemoth Laser Gaming Mice Review 5

OCZ Eclipse & Behemoth Laser Gaming Mice Review

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OCZ is mostly known for their quality PSU and memory products such as SSDs, and performance memory kits. Today we will be taking a look at the newest addition to their gaming peripheral lineup, namely the OCZ Behemoth and Eclipse gaming mice. Both of these mice feature what OCZ calls "Double-Laser" sensors which I will get back to further on in the review. The Behemoth has a DPI rating of a massive 3200 DPI whereas the Eclipse manages "only" 2400 DPI. With the Eclipse priced at 24.99 € and the Behemoth at 26.99 € both mice reside in the budget gaming mice price tier, along with such mice as the Razer Salmosa, Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0, Logitech MX518.

The Package

The two mice ship in almost identical boxes, both very colorful.

The bundle is not exactly huge with these mice. You get with the mouse a set of weigths, a manual, and a driver disc. You do not get any spare sets of mouse feet with these two OCZ mice and that can pose a problem especially with the Eclipse, since it has some uniquely shaped feet. The Behemoth's feet are almost identical to the size and shape of the feet featured on Logitech MX-series mice, so getting replacements will not be a problem here. Compared to the price of the units the bundle is sort of what you would expect.
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