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OCZ ZT Series 750 W Review

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We would like to thank OCZ for supplying the review sample.

At first OCZ was mostly in the memory market and after many successful years in this field they decided to follow the SSD path which looks really promising. However since they own PC Power&Cooling, a legendary company in the PSU market, they also enjoy a very active presence in the power supplies field. Lately there was a major renovation in OCZ’s power products since many new models were announced/released while some older ones were withdrawn. In chronological order the high-end ZX series was released first, the budget-oriented ZS followed and now the ZT is out to fill the gap between the two aforementioned product series.

The members of the ZT line feature a fully modular cabling design, meet the 80 PLUS Bronze requirements, are backed by five years of warranty and finally their prices classify them in the mid-range category. Today’s review sample is the ZT Series 750W (or ZT 750W) which plays in a really tough category where strong competitors like the Corsair TX 750M dominate the field, at least till now. The strongest card of the ZT 750W is definitely the fully modular design, something that many users will greatly appreciate and that none of the equally priced competitors feature. Will be the fully modular design enough to take down the competition?

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