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OCZ ZX Series 1250 W Review

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We would like to thank OCZ for supplying the review sample.

OCZ has been in the PSU business for five years now. Their biggest step into this field was made in 2007 when they bought a highly respectable PSU manufacturer, PC Power & Cooling. Exploiting the knowledge and the experience of the latter company, OCZ went even further into the PSU market and achieved many innovations such as the release of the first 80Plus Gold certified PSUs, the Z-series.

However since Z series had been in production for many years and the competition was getting very rough it was time for a fresh addition into OCZ's maximum performance category. The new series' name is ZX and has three members with 850 W, 1000 W and 1250 W capacities. All ZX series PSUs are of course 80Plus Gold certified, fully modular and single +12V rail. Today we will test the most powerful, the ZX Series 1250 W.

The ZX Series 1250 W supports up to three hi-end GPUs, it keeps output noise levels at minimum as is equipped with a load-controlled ultra quiet 140 mm fan and, according to OCZ, it features up to 92% efficiency at typical load and up to 89% at full load. Finally it is backed up by five years of OCZ's “power swap” warranty. All are great in theory but our load tester will prove if it's as good as it sounds.

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