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OCZ ZX Series 850 W Review

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We would like to thank OCZ for supplying the review sample.

OCZ had quite some time to present something new regarding their PSU products, the release of the ZX series put them in the game again. Only a while ago we reviewed the ZX Series 1250W and were very pleased with its high performance, workmanship and especially its nice price/performance ratio thanks to the low price. However 1250 W of power are actually useful to only a small portion of users that possess a really power hungry system; the rest need something less powerful, so the ZX Series 850W will be of more interest to a broader crowd.

The ZX 850W, like the rest members of the series, features Gold efficiency, a single 70 amp +12V rail, fully modular design and is manufactured by Great Wall, a Chinese company. With four PCIe connectors it can support up to two high-end VGAs and on top of that is equipped with two EPS connectors. According to OCZ its efficiency reaches 92% with typical load and the PSU itself is backed by five years of OCZ's Powerswap warranty, so you will not be left out of power if something goes wrong. So far all that sounds very interesting, but like every PSU that ends up on our bench table, the ZX 850W will prove its worth by testing and not through datasheets.

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