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This is the second in a series I hadn't heard of until last week when Pinokl Games approached me with a review key. After no small amount of research, I discovered this bizarre style of game that I can only describe as a mash-up between the latest and greatest of the Hitman series and Hotline: Miami. A comparison of those two may pique your interest, as it should, because as it turns out, these Pinokl chaps seriously know what they're doing.

What you see is a low-fi arcade-style serial killer sim, but what you get is game art that's been beautifully crafted and animated, and a seriously challenging and entirely random game. My first delve into the game began as a ten minute feeler, but ended up descending into the early hours of the morning – but boy did I feel frustrated. The game is published by tinyBuild.

I also made a video review, see below:
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