Patriot Viper RGB DDR4-3200 CL16 2x8GB Review 10

Patriot Viper RGB DDR4-3200 CL16 2x8GB Review

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When it comes to RGB DDR4 memory, there seems to have been a generational gap of sorts that has recently taken place, with many kits now starting to support the major motherboard brands right out of the box, including full integration with software that controls your motherboard's LEDs. That's most definitely a step in the right direction, as is more sticks starting to support both Intel and AMD systems. Patriot's Viper RGB DDR4 does all that for sure, but also adds in a bit more.

The Viper RGB DDR4 kits come in either black or white, and each color is available in a variety of speeds. I've got one of the white 3200 MHz kits to play with here, a sleek kit that offers custom software along with wide compatibility that offers the ability to address the RGB LEDs in five different regions, which results in a huge range of options on how these LEDs look, rather than just a simple bar across the top of the stick.

If we're honest, if you're interested in RGB memory, then how it looks really matters, and this is yet another choice in RGB memory I've got my hands on that is different from all the rest. There's something to be said about how all these sticks feel in your hands and how easy it is to make use of the features they offer. Having "added features" on memory sticks is still a new and strange thing, so it's important that it all works right, and Patriot got that right with these sticks, whether you want them for AMD or Intel.


Speed Rating:DDR4-3200
Rated Timings:16-18-18-36
Tested Capacity:16 GB (8 GB x2)
Tested Voltage:1.35 V
PCB Type:10 layer
Error Checking:Non-ECC
Form Factor:288-pin DIMM
Warranty:Limited Lifetime
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