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Pentagram NXC 100-Cu Review

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I would like to thank Pentagram for supplying the tested cooler.

Dimensions106 x 106 x 55 mm
Bearing Type Double ball
Fan Connector 12V 3-pin
SpeedSilent mode 1700 RPM
Normal mode 3000 RPM
NoiseSilent mode 19 dB
Normal mode 27 dB

Socket 478 - all models
Socket 775 - all models
Socket 754 - all models
Socket 939 - all models
Socket 940 - all models

1. CPU cooler
2. Fan Speed Controller
3. Mounting bracket Socket 478
4. Mounting bracket LGA 775
5. Mounting bracket Socket 754/939/940
6. Thermal grease
7. User's manual


Box contents:
  • CPU Cooler
  • Mounting bracket for Socket 775
  • Mounting bracket for Socket 478
  • Mounting clips for Socket 939, 745, 940
  • Thermal grease
  • Instruction manual
  • Fan speed controller
The heatsink's base is flat but has a lot of milling marks. On the photos you can clearly see how the base is composed of all the small copper fins joined together in the center.
A bit further out near the edges the surface is quite rough, but this is not a problem since the CPU will not need heat transfer there. In modern processors all heat is generated in the tiny die right in the middle, under the heatspreader.
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