PlayStation 5 Power Supply (ADP-400DR) Review 27

PlayStation 5 Power Supply (ADP-400DR) Review

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We would like to thank MIFCOM for supplying the PS5 review sample.

MIFCOM is a local system builder focusing on the markets of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Both HQ and production are based in Munich. MIFCOM exclusively sells via it's own webshop. So far, this brand has mostly built high-end gaming PCs, but lately, it has also built many workstations and servers for businesses and institutions/government.

Thanks to MIFCOM, I was able to get a PlayStation 5 (PS5) power supply, to check out its quality. Delta Electronics produces this PSU, and its model number is ADP-400DR. Without even a standby rail, it is a single-rail unit outputting +12 V only. According to Delta, its maximum power output is 372 W, so it can deliver up to 31 A. Typically, strong PSUs like this one output 19 V or even higher voltages to keep amperes low and avoid energy losses using thick power transfer cables. That said, the ADP-400DR is directly connected to the PS5's mainboard through a pair of spade terminals, so energy losses are restricted under even high loads.

During some extended power measurements I conducted of the PS5, I noticed that its maximum power draw from the wall socket is 225 W with 230 V input. If we take the PlayStation 5 PSU's efficiency into account, this makes for around 205 W DC load. So clearly, the ADP-400DR is overkill for the PS5, but having lots of available headroom is good. After all, a PSU's most efficient range is 40–60% of its maximum-rated capacity, and with the ADP-400DR, this is precisely the case.

This review will include many measurements of the PS5 power supply with 230 V and 100 V input to evaluate its performance. There will of course also be a complete tear-down to take a detailed look at its build quality.

If you want to have a look at the measurement procedures, watch the video below.


Features & Specifications
Max. DC Output372 W
Average Efficiency (230 V / 100 V)91.003% / 88.28%
NoiseCybenetics A++ (< 15 dBA)
Operating TemperatureNo Info
ProtectionsOver Power Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Over Current Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Dimensions (W x H x D)150 x 38 x 240 mm
Weight0.52 kg (1.146 lb)
Warranty2-year warranty in Europe, 1-year warranty everywhere else
Power Specifications
Rail12 V
Max. Power31 A
372 W
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