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PowerColor HD 5750 Go! Green Review

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All AMD Radeon HD 5000 cards exhibit excellent power consumption numbers and better performance/Watt scores than any previous generation product from any company so far. So it is not surprising that the green folks have noticed these cards and started using them to keep their power usage down. Especially idle power consumption is important when a PC is running the whole day - usually sitting at the desktop or being used for desktop applications.

Now PowerColor has released their HD 5750 Go! Green Edition, which does not use any active cooling (not sure why that is green, but I like it) and manages without an extra PCI-Express power connector. No external power available limits the card to a maximum power draw of 75W, which we will definitely check and try to surpass in our testing. Due to the completely passive design, PowerColor recommends that the card be installed only in a case where there is some airflow to supply the card with fresh air.

HD 4830
HD 4770
GTS 250
HD 4850
HD 5750
PowerColor HD
5750 Go Green
HD 4870
HD 5770
Shader units 640640128800720720800800
Memory Size512 MB 512 MB 1024 MB 512 MB 1024 MB 1024 MB 512 MB 1024 MB
Memory Bus Width 256 bit 128 bit 256 bit 256 bit 128 bit 128 bit 256 bit 128 bit
Core Clock575 MHz 750 MHz 738 MHz 625 MHz 700 MHz 700 MHz 750 MHz 850 MHz
Memory Clock900 MHz 800 MHz 1100 MHz 993 MHz 1150 MHz 1150 MHz 900 MHz 1200 MHz
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