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PowerColor HD 5770 PCS++ 1 GB Review

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Last year AMD released their new Radeon HD 5800 Series of graphics cards which quickly became a big success due to the numerous improvements made over previous generations. Over the course of the last months AMD has been adding more cards to their DirectX 11 lineup quickly, successfully completing the lineup.

AMD's Radeon HD 5770 has been out for several months now and custom-designed HD 5770 designs from all AIBs are very well established in the market. In January PowerColor sent us their HD 5770 PCS+ which delivered some improvements over the reference design, but nothing groundbreaking.

PowerColor's new HD 5770 PCS++ adds another 25 MHz memory clock on the HD 5770 PCS+ while keeping the core clock the same. All other specs have remained identical too, the only other noteworthy changes are the use of a Volterra voltage regulator and memory heatsinks on the back. Our PCS++ sample had Hynix memory which typically overclocks better than the Samsung on the PCS+.

HD 4770
GTS 250
HD 4850
HD 4870
HD 5770
HD 5770 PCS+
HD 5770 PCS++
Shader units 640128800800800800800
Memory Size512 MB 1024 MB 512 MB 512 MB 1024 MB 1024 MB 1024 MB
Memory Bus Width 128 bit 256 bit 256 bit 256 bit 128 bit 128 bit 128 bit
Core Clock750 MHz 738 MHz 625 MHz 750 MHz 850 MHz 875 MHz 875 MHz
Memory Clock800 MHz 1100 MHz 993 MHz 900 MHz 1200 MHz 1225 MHz 1250 MHz
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