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PowerColor HD 6850 SCS3 1 GB Review

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AMD's Radeon HD 6850 has been on the market for quite a while and we have seen many non-reference designs in the last months. However, all those used active cooling to keep the card cool. PowerColor's new HD 6850 SCS3 is the first HD 6850 that does away with the fan and uses an all passive cooling solution.

PowerColor has chosen to use a big triple slot heatsink on their card to manage the heat output of the card. In terms of performance characteristics nothing has changed, the card comes at AMD reference clock speeds. Price-wise, PowerColor is asking a $10 premium which seems quite reasonable considering the unique no-noise aspect of this product.

HD 6850 Market Segment Analysis
HD 6790
GTX 460
GTX 460
HD 6850
HD 6850 SCS3
HD 6870
GTX 560
GTX 560 Ti
Shader Units8003363369609601120336384
Graphics ProcessorBartsGF104GF104BartsBartsBartsGF114GF114
Memory Size1024 MB768 MB1024 MB1024 MB1024 MB1024 MB1024 MB1024 MB
Memory Bus Width256 bit192 bit256 bit256 bit256 bit256 bit256 bit256 bit
Core Clock840 MHz675 MHz675 MHz775 MHz775 MHz900 MHz810 MHz823 MHz
Memory Clock1050 MHz900 MHz900 MHz1000 MHz1000 MHz1050 MHz1002 MHz1002 MHz
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