Powercolor HD 7990 Devil 13 6 GB Review 141

Powercolor HD 7990 Devil 13 6 GB Review

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AMD has been working on a dual-GPU HD 7990 card for a long time, but we are still waiting for a release. PowerColor has taken on the challenge and engineered a working HD 7990 by themselves, without any help from AMD.

The PowerColor Devil 13 is the company's flagship limited edition hardcore enthusiast card. It uses two Tahiti XT GPUs running at HD 7970 GPU speeds of 925 MHz GPU and 1375 MHz memory. To enable an extra clock boost, a turbo button has been added which takes the GPU clock to 1000 MHz.

Cooling for this immensely powerful card is provided by a custom triple slot, triple fan cooler which covers the whole card. Pricing of the PowerColor Devil 13 is $999, with limited volume available.

Important: All data in this review was obtained after I repaired a major design error of the card. When I received it, the card ran extremely high temperatures, reaching beyond 100°C, causing instability and black screen hangs. The fan would also run at 100% almost instantly. This is caused by screws with integrated stop that resulted in too little mounting pressure between GPU and heatsink, clearly an engineering oversight. I added three metal washers on each screw by removing the screws, adding the washers and putting the screws back. The cooler was removed for this procedure, and thermal paste was replaced with a thin layer. Only this procedure enabled the card to run stable. The card was unusable out of the box.

HD 7990 Market Segment Analysis
HD 7950
GTX 670
HD 7970
HD 7970
GHz Ed.
GTX 680
HD 6990
GTX 590
HD 7990
GTX 690
Shader Units179213442048204815362x 15362x 5122x 20482x 1536
ROPs32323232322x 322x 482x 322x 32
Graphics ProcessorTahitiGK104TahitiTahitiGK1042x Cayman2x GF1102x Tahiti2x GK104
Transistors4310M3500M4310M4310M3500M2x 2640M2x 3000M2x 4310M2x 3500M
Memory Size3072 MB2048 MB3072 MB3072 MB2048 MB2x 2048 MB2x 1536 MB2x 3072 MB2x 2048 MB
Memory Bus Width384 bit256 bit384 bit384 bit256 bit2x 256 bit2x 384 bit2x 384 bit2x 256 bit
Core Clock800 MHz915 MHz+925 MHz1050 MHz1006 MHz+830 MHz607 MHz925 / 1000 MHz915 MHz+
Memory Clock1250 MHz1502 MHz1375 MHz1500 MHz1502 MHz1250 MHz855 MHz1375 MHz1502 MHz
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