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PowerColor R9 290X OC 4 GB Review

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AMD's Radeon R9 290X is built on the company's new Hawaii GPU, which is the first truly new high-end graphics chip from the company in a very long time (21 months). The GPU is built on a 28 nanometer process at TSMC Taiwan and uses 6.8 billion transistors. It features 2816 shaders and 64 ROPs, connected to 4 GB of memory using a 512-bit wide memory bus.

Today, we are reviewing the PowerColor R9 290X OC, the AMD reference design card overclocked from 1000 MHz to 1030 MHz. All physical components of the card remain the same, but PowerColor put their sticker on the fan hub. PowerColor does not charge a price premium for their card, so it retails at $549.

Radeon R9 290X Market Segment Analysis
R9 280X
GTX 770
HD 7970
GHz Ed.
GTX 680
GTX 780
R9 290X
R9 290X OC
HD 7990
GTX Titan
GTX 690
Shader Units20481536204815362304281628162x 204826882x 1536
ROPs323232324864642x 32482x 32
Graphics ProcessorTahitiGK104TahitiGK104GK110HawaiiHawaii2x Tahiti GK1102x GK104
Transistors4310M3500M4310M3500M7100M6200M6200M2x 4310M7100M2x 3500M
Memory Size3072 MB2048 MB3072 MB2048 MB3072 MB4096 MB4096 MB2x 3072 MB6144 MB2x 2048 MB
Memory Bus Width384 bit256 bit384 bit256 bit384 bit512 bit512 bit2x 384 bit384 bit2x 256 bit
Core Clock1000 MHz1046 MHz+1050 MHz1006 MHz+863 MHz+1000 MHz1030 MHz1000 MHz837 MHz+915 MHz+
Memory Clock1500 MHz1753 MHz1500 MHz1502 MHz1502 MHz1250 MHz1250 MHz1500 MHz1502 MHz1502 MHz
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