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PQI 8 GB Class 6 SDHC Review

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PQI is one of the biggest manufacturers of flash memory and their product line up spans right from memory adapters to SDHC cards and USB memory sticks. Among PQI's newest offerings in the SDHC card arena is this 8 GB Class 6 card we will be taking a look at today. PQI also offers the same card in a 16 GB variant for those with a higher capacity need. Since the card is rated at class 6 is should be able to obtain a sustainable write speed of 6 MB/s which is quite high for normal flash based card.

SDHC is the successor to the older Secure Digital or in short SD standard. Form factor wise they are both exactly the same, but the SDHC standard allows for much greater storage capacity and speeds. SDHC is implemented in most new cameras and portable media players. Besides the capacity upgrade over normal SD cards the speed rating system has been changed from the old X-rating to the much easier comprehensible class system, where the class x defines the sustainable write speed the cards are capable of.


  • Meets Secure Digital 2.0 specifications
  • Fast data transfer rate
  • Store data, music, pictures and videos
  • Can be inserted into SDHC sockets
  • Write-protect switch
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