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QNAP TS-419P II Review

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We would like to thank QNAP for supplying the review sample.

The word NAS stands for Network-Attached Storage and over the last years these devices are becoming more and more popular, especially as Internet bandwidth keeps increasing and becoming more reliable. Users need large capacity file servers that are accessible from anywhere so they can use their data on all devices. Of course a contemporary NAS device doesn't play only the role of a file server but has many more functions like media streaming, downloading all kind of files, video surveillance, web hosting or print server.

QNAP is a relatively new company, founded in 2004, and currently one of the leaders in the NAS market since they have a vast variety of such devices, covering all market segments and user needs. Their NAS devices span into three main categories which are intended for Home & SOHO (Small Office Home Office), SMB (Small and Medium-sized Business) and finally high-end SMB use. The devices that belong to the smaller category use Marvell CPUs (ARM) while almost all products that belong to the other two categories utilize Intel processors (ATOM CPUs for SMB and Dual Core i3 or Quad Core Xeon E3 CPUs for the high-end SMB series).

Today we will test the top model of QNAP's Home & SOHO category, the TS-419P II which is equipped with a 2.0 GHz single core Marvell processor. Briefly this device supports all popular platforms including Linux/UNIX, Windows and Mac OS, offers complete back up solutions, can host a cloud service, is able to share multimedia content and finally according to its maker it is energy-efficient thus environmental friendly. In this review besides the functionality analysis, we are going to stress the NAS really hard to check if it offers the advertised performance and reliability that QNAP promises. Ending the prologue, we shouldn't forget to mention the highly interesting MyCloudNAS service which is offered for free by QNAP to all users that own one of their NAS products. Via this service you have instant access to your NAS from everywhere, through internet and you can also create a personal cloud easily.

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