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QNAP TS-451 Review

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We would like to thank QNAP for supplying the review sample.

The new TS-x51 line isn't only for SOHO (Small Office Home Office) environments as it is also for enthusiast users in need of a high-performance NAS. The crucial feature of these NAS servers is their Intel Celeron J1800 SoC. While it may look weak for a normal Windows PC, it is more than adequate for such a strong NAS as the TS-451. With data backup, file synchronization, home entertainment, a plethora of cloud options, remote access, the ability to transcode Full HD videos on-the-fly and play 1080p videos with 7.1 channel audio pass-through through its HDMI output, the TS-451 we will evaluate in this review packs all the usual features of a modern NAS and more. It is also compatible with the optional UX-800P enclosure should you want to expand its storage capacity to upward of 60 TB.

An incredibly interesting feature is this NAS' ability to run virtual machines because of its integrated virtualization technology. The TS-451, in other words, supports all typical NAS functions and can be transformed into a complete virtualization platform for multiple operating systems. You can control all virtual machines you create through its interface and have the ability to download various VMs to directly and effortlessly implement them. However, the basic TS-451 only comes with 1 GB of RAM, and QNAP recommends upgrading its memory to at least 2 GB, or, better yet, 4 GB if you want to use the Virtualization Station. While the basic TS-451 only has 1 GB, another, the TS-451-4G, comes with 4GB of preinstalled memory.

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