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QNAP TS-669 Pro Review

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We would like to thank QNAP for supplying the review sample.

We recently tested the QNAP TS-419P II, the top of the line NAS of QNAP's Home & SOHO category. In today's review we will evaluate the TS-669 Pro, a NAS that belongs to a higher category and is suitable for Small and Medium-size Business environments. The TS-669 Pro offers all functionalities of a modern NAS, namely centralized storage and file sharing, a backup center, Cloud storage capabilities etc. and on top of that it is able to attain very high transfer speeds through the two Gigabit ports it is equipped with. QNAP claims 221 MB/sec reading and writing speeds, in our testing we will try to confirm that.

This NAS is powered by an Intel Atom Dual-core CPU that runs at 2.13 GHz, it is equipped with 1 GB RAM which can be expanded to 3 GB and can take up to six HDDs that are installed in hot-swappable and lockable trays. Since this device is intended for business environments and its HDDs might contain sensitive data, the locks are essential. Here we should note that like every NAS device this too needs a little attention to what HDDs you will use, since there are some that are incompatible with it and more specific with its RAID modes which almost every of its future purchasers will utilize. Thankfully QNAP's official product page provides a detailed HDD compatibility list. which you should check first, before you buy the drives.

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