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QPAD|UC Gaming Surface Review

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QPAD is one of the biggest manufacturers of high quality mouse mats specifically intended for gaming. In the beginning their line-up consisted only of one hybrid surface mat, it was an instant success amongst gamers. Here many years later their line-up has expanded a lot and now includes anything from hard plastic mats to soft cloth mats. Today I will be taking a look at their new cloth mat called the UC. The UC represents QPAD's first venture into cloth mats. The UC line of mats are made in the same QPAD wrist friendly shape as the EC-R and XT-R mouse mats. You can get the UC mat in four different sizes right from small to extra large. The mat I received for review was the extra large variant.

The Package

The UC ships in a big box with a few accessories. Since it is a soft mat it is quite hard to damage, but if it is rolled up in a box like the UC is, it will take it some time to smooth out. The moment you pop up the box you realize just how large this mat is. It is 50 cm x 36.5 cm which means it is huge and will take up a lot of desk real estate. You get the choice of how big you want the mat, so you can basically get one in a size that fits your needs. I usually game with a low sensitivity so the “the bigger the better” mantra rings clearly here.

With the UC you also get two case badges and five Microsoft type Teflon skates. The "Glidz" as QPAD has named their mouse feet are extremely well made and these are precut for use with Microsoft mice. It is nice to get some good skates, but it is weird that they deliver skates only for Microsoft mice it would have been better with a piece of uncut Teflon because it means you could cut it yourself to fit whatever mouse you have.
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