Qudelix-5K Portable DAC/Amp + QX-Over Earphones Review 1

Qudelix-5K Portable DAC/Amp + QX-Over Earphones Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Qudelix operates a web shop directly, and shipped both the Qudelix-5K and QX-Over inside a padded envelope that is functional but not very handy to photograph. Function over form is clearly the theme today, with the packaging for the Qudelix-5K going with a small cardboard box that does not even get a banderole for aesthetics. Instead, all the relevant information is printed directly onto the cardboard surface, including the company and product name, contact information, and two renders of the product with the buttons on the side depicted as a quick guide on what they do. In fact, we see that the four sides of the product box have renders to match the product itself, including the two shorter sides for I/O, where we also see some other relevant specifications.

Opening the box, we see a multi-layered approach to the unboxing experience with the top layer holding two 12 cm long cables inside a plastic zip-lock bag. Qudelix includes a USB Type-C to Type-C cable, as well as a Type-A to Type-C cable. This helps cover most use cases, and iOS users may well need a Lightning to USB OTG cable/adapter, even if they can't necessarily make the most of it in wireless mode.

The bottom layer houses the product itself, and the packaging also replaced any manual or quick start guide that would otherwise be present. The Qudelix-5K portable DAC/amp comes inside a padded bubble-wrap of its own, which makes for a pristine product out of the box.
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