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Raijintek Aidos Review

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  • The Raijintek Aidos has an MSRP of €15.99 / $21.61.
  • Price
  • Small size great for cramped cases and mITX builds
  • Exceptional performance-per-dollar ratio
  • Easy to install
  • Packaging lacks protection for the product
  • Performance offers very little extra room for overclocking.
  • Lacks extra hardware to mount second fan
  • Fan PWM range could be tweaked for better noise levels
The Raijintek Aidos has a few key things going for it. At €15.99/$21.61, price just happens to be the most noticeable, making the Aidos the most cost-effective cooling solution I have ever reviewed. Its relatively small size also makes the Aidos a perfect fit for smaller cases and mITX builds, where a good cooler at an affordable price is always a welcome addition, especially since it is leagues better than stock cooling. In terms of performance-per-dollar, the Raijintek Aidos is quite simply unmatched. The closest competing product is the company's own Themis cooler. When you get right down to it, there is some serious bang for your buck when it comes to the Aidos CPU cooler. The install hardware, while the same across Raijintek coolers, also becomes easier to work with because the Aidos is smaller, making it extremely easy to install. The Aidos CPU cooler from Raijintek may not be the best cooler I have tested to date, but it has carved out a perfect niche for itself.

Now, there is no such thing as a perfect product. The packaging on this Raijintek cooler is once again lacking—it fails to adequately protect the heatsink. Its performance, while perfectly acceptable on lower-wattage CPUs, really doesn't suit overclocked systems. Users running Sandy Bridge-E or Ivy Bridge-E will want the beefier Ereboss from Raijintek, or one of many high-end CPU coolers currently available. The Aidos, being small and having the mounting holes for a second fan, could have benefited greatly from the inclusion of some extra rubber fan mounts for users to squeeze out a bit more performance with a second fan. The fan's PWM range could also use some tweaking to improve the overall fan-noise curve at various load levels.

Overall, the Raijintek Aidos is fairly impressive for it low price and small size. Granted, it wont win awards for best quality or low noise, but it actually is one of the best-performing coolers at said low price-point. Even its performance speaks for itself when looking at lower-wattage CPUs, as the fan favorite Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO was edged out by Raijintek's Aidos. But its small size does limit its use with enthusiast-level CPUs and larger overclocks.

The Aidos is then a perfect fit if you need better than stock cooling with a bit of flair at an affordable price, or a small cooler for that mITX gaming system you want to build.
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