Raijintek Ereboss Review 22

Raijintek Ereboss Review



  • The Raijintek Ereboss has an MSRP of €34.90 / $46.33.
  • Quiet
  • Decent cooling performance
  • Competitively priced
  • Performance per dollar is exceptional
  • Simple mounting hardware
  • Anti-vibration fan mounts
  • Packaging lacks protection for the heatsink
  • Troublesome to install
  • Lacks extra hardware to mount second fan
  • Memory clearance is lackluster
The Raijintek Ereboss has some serious moxie. Its cooling performance is exceptional for its price segment. At just €34.90 / $46.33, the Ereboss just hammers the competition in performance per dollar, with only the NZXT Respire T40 and Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO doing better. That said, those coolers lack headroom for higher overclocks while the Ereboss can push further, how much depends on the CPU. The noise levels, while fair, are louder than the competition at fan speeds of 25% and 50%, but fan noise levels at 100% only hit 46 dBA, allowing the Ereboss cooler to remain quiet inside a traditional case, which is truly a testament to the unique 14013 PWM fan Raijintek has supplied with this cooler—it really is unique in both size and performance. Everything comes together nicely once the fan is paired up with its anti-vibration mounts. Raijintek has also kept its universal mounting solution simple by using a minimum amount of parts to achieve maximum compatibility, and the option to include a second fan is also on the table.

The Raijintek Ereboss only keels over in a few areas, but its main drawback is the package it comes in. It's nice to look at but offers next to zero protection to the cooler, and the fins can get bent relatively easily if the box is handled harshly. The mounting hardware, while simply and intuitive, is still troublesome as users will need a long screwdriver. Compounding the problem are the small M3 screws used to tighten the crossbar down. Spring screws would be a much better choice, and there is also the fact that while the cooler offers the ability to mount a second fan, the hardware necessary to do so is not included. Memory clearance is also less than stellar but should be fine for those using two DIMMs—users using all four DIMMs should stick to standard height memory.

My only other thought is that the Raijintek Ereboss is a cooler easily passed upon for several reasons. Its unique fan and attractive price, and the fact that it is made by a newcomer to the industry, means it will need time to shine. However, I feel that its attractive price will make it a fantastic price to performance cooler in the future, with its unique red and white theme and solid performance. Did I mention mirror-finished bases are sexy?

The Raijintek Ereboss is ultimately a unique cooler that offers fantastic performance at an exceptional price.
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