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Raijintek Pan Slim ITX Review

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Raijintek ships the Pan Slim in a pretty flat cardboard box with an image of the chassis along the name and several other shots of it on the opposite side. The smaller panels give you a few insights into the enclosure's specifications and which color variant you will find in the box.

Once you open the package, you are greeted with a PCIe ribbon cable and a well-placed box for your screws. Two thick foam spacers hold the Pan Slim in place with its feet pre-attached.


All the screws for the Raijintek Pan Slim come pre-sorted in a nifty little plastic box, which you may re-purpose and use for other means after your system is up and running. One small issue is the fact that there are not enough mounting screws for 2.5" drives out of the box. Raijintek includes 10 screws, but you can install up to four 2.5" drives within the Pan Slim, which would take 16 screws. On top of that, these screws are pretty small—fin-threaded screws with a bigger flat head would have been better. The ribbon which ships with the Pan Slim is quite long, so you have plenty of flexibility in getting to your GPU. Raijintek opted for a longer cable since a shorter one makes little difference in terms of cost, which benefits us. This ribbon cable is PCIe 3.0, which is absolutely fine as PCIe 4.0 won't really make a tangible difference in your day to day, but Raijintek is prepared to update this part to PCIe 4.0 in the future. A basic, but complete manual will help you with assembling your system.
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