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Raijintek Pan Slim ITX Review

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I would like to thank Raijintek for supplying the review sample.

We will be covering the Raijintek Pan Slim in this review, a desktop chassis that also acts as a monitor stand. This means it is wide and fairly thin, so you may place a keyboard underneath for a tidy desktop and situate your monitor on top of the chassis. This case type is really useful where you may not have the width of a traditional table. In essence, the Raijintek Pan Slim fits any table that can squeeze in a traditional 27" monitor, for example. Even with the unique form factor, Raijintek touts that the chassis can hold potent components without issue. On top of that, you are able to pick from three colors: black, white or silver.


Raijintek Pan Slim
Case Type:Desktop
Material:Steel and aluminium
Weight:6.2 kg
Drive Bays:4x Internal 2.5"
2x Internal 3.5"
Form Factors:
Dimensions:629 x 354 x 174 mm
Front Door/Cover:N/A
Front Fans:N/A
Rear Fans:N/A
Top Fans:N/A
Floor Fans:4x 120 mm (optional)
Side Fans:N/A
Front Radiator:N/A
Rear Radiator:N/A
Top Radiator:N/A
Floor Radiator:240 mm
Side Radiator:N/A
I/O:1x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C
2x USB 3.0
Fan/LED Controller:N/A
Compatibility:CPU Cooler: N/A
GPU: 340 mm
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