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Razer Destructor Mouse Mat Review

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Razer has been around for quite a while now and most people probably know them for their high end gaming peripherals. It has been a year or two since Razer last put a new and innovating gaming surface on the market, I guess better late than never. This all new mouse mat is dubbed the Destructor.

The Destructor is a plastic mat with a natural rubber base glued on like many other mats on the market today. The new innovation that the Destructor mat features is what Razer calls "Fractal" technology.

The "Fractal" surface should enable laser and ordinary optical mice to make coherent tracking at higher speeds than on a traditional mat.


  • Designed with top professional gamers
  • Razer Fractal textured surface for enhanced precision movements
  • Optimized to improve optical and laser gaming grade mouse performance
  • Ultra-wide size: 350 mm (Length) x 280 (Width) x 2.3 mm (Height)
  • Non-slip rubber base for firm grip on smooth surfaces
  • Includes a reinforced lightweight carrying case
The size and features of the Destructor are pretty common for a high end gaming grade mouse mat. The size is adequate for low to high sensitivity gamers and the height is minimal.
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