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Razer Pro|Solutions Pro|Type Review

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Razer has always been known to produce some of the best gaming mice, but it wasn't until late last year that they decided to venture in to the keyboard market with their Tarantula keyboard. Razer's slogan has always been "For Gamers. By Gamers". It says it all in my opinion.

Razer's products lineup has been expanding rapidly after the successful launch of Razer Pro|Solutions, which is a sub-brand that specializes in high-end 3rd party gear for use with existing Apple products such as the iPod and other Apple products.

Common for all of the Pro|Solutions products is that they are styled like Apple hardware. The Razer Pro|Solutions Pro|Type that I will be reviewing today is held in the sleek pearl-white color. Compared to traditional Apple keyboards the Pro|Type is somewhat loaded with features. Where the Razer Tarantula is aimed at gamers, the Pro|Type is aimed at Apple users and iPod owners, therefore it has the Apple icons for opening the CD-bay and so forth.

The Package

The package that Razer delivers this Pro|Type keyboard in is quite heavy. On the front of it you can see the keyboard with a 4th generation iPod in the dock. This is actually representative of what is in the package because Razer has decided to supply this keyboard with dock adapters for only the 4th generation iPods. Since the dock itself is standard iPod dock form factor you can use the dock adapters supplied with 5th generation iPods along with this keyboard.

On the back of the package the layout of is explained, so that even a novice can find his or hers way around the multitude of functions that this keyboard has.

One of the things that surprised me a bit was how thoroughly the keyboard is packaged. Not only does the cardboard box have a styrofoam inlay but the keyboard is also in a plastic bag. As a final safety measure all of the gloss finish areas of the keyboard are covered with a plastic tape that you have to peel off before use.

With every Pro|Type you get a little user's manual. The user's manual is actually nice to have with this keyboard. Right after unpacking I was a bit confused, because the keyboard has a "line-out". But after browsing the manual I found that the "line-out" is for the iPod dock. I will explain this in more detail later in the review.

The Razer Pro|Solutions Pro|Type keyboard ships with the following items: user's manual incl. driver disc, two dock adapters for use with 4th generation iPods.
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