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Razer Viper Ultimate Review

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Packaging, Weight, Cable and Feet


The Viper Ultimate is a premium product, and the packaging certainly reflects that. Kept in the typical Razer green, the box contains the mouse itself, a docking station, a braided cable, a quick start guide, and several Razer-themed stickers. The mouse and the docking station sit nicely cushioned in a foam tray.


Without the USB dongle my scale shows around 74 g (+/-1 g), and around 76 g with the USB dongle. Getting rid of the USB dongle compartment door brings the weight down by another gram, to a healthy 73 g. Razer cites a weight of 74 g, which appears to be accurate based on this result. The weight would already be excellent if the Viper Ultimate were a wired mouse—for a wireless mouse, it is, frankly, outstanding.


The included cable can be used either for connecting the docking station to one's PC or for connecting the mouse to the PC, which enables one to use the Viper Ultimate as a normal wired mouse. The cable is not the most flexible one out there, but still good enough to be considered non-bothersome. I've been told by Razer that the cable needs to be a bit thicker to support the higher current for charging. The length is 1.8 m (measured).


The Razer Viper Ultimate features 100% (>99%) PTFE (Teflon) feet. Feet made out of 100% PTFE should last longer and provide a smoother glide. Additionally, the edges of the feet on the Viper Ultimate are rounded, which results in an excellent glide. There are four medium-sized feet and a ring around the sensor, which is there to ensure CPI stays consistent when applying vertical pressure.

Docking Station

The docking station serves two purposes. One, it acts as wireless receiver and extender in order to keep the physical distance between the mouse and the USB dongle as small as possible. Two, it can be used to charge the Viper Ultimate without having to plug the cable in every time. Notably, the docking station has an RGB stripe around its base whose lighting can be synchronized with the Viper Ultimate or any other Chroma-enabled Razer devices.
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