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Royal Kludge RK84 Keyboard Review

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I first heard of the Royal Kludge brand a few years ago, in particular in combination with the RK61 keyboard aiming to be a well-designed 60% form factor keyboard of good value. While it might still be the brand's most popular keyboard today, I was in two minds about whether to cover another 60% keyboard after all the recent ones. In the middle of all this, the company dropped a newer keyboard with an even rarer layout, one I am getting familiar with courtesy Epomaker and Akko. Today, we introduce Royal Kludge to TechPowerUp by taking a look at the RK84 keyboard. Thanks again to the company for sending us a review sample.

Don't ask me why the company is called Royal Kludge, especially since Kludge by itself does not work positively for keyboards. I suppose using a random set of components to fulfill a purpose holds true, though! Either way, you will see RK and RKGaming used more often these days, with the keyboards named RKxx, where the "xx" consists of two digits representing the number of keys on the keyboard. Logic dictates then that the RK84 is a Royal Kludge keyboard with 84 keys. As such, it is meant to be a truncated TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard to save space on your desk. It comes in a white color option with the obvious RGB lighting seen above and not one, but three separate modes of connectivity. There is a lot to unpack here, so let's begin as per usual with a look at the product specifications below.


Royal Kludge RK84 Keyboard
Layout:84-key form factor in a modified US ANSI layout
Material:ABS plastic case, PBT plastic keycaps, and steel plate
Macro Support:Yes
Weight:0.79 kg / 1.74 lbs.
Wrist Rest:No
Anti-ghosting:Full N-Key rollover USB and 2.4 GHz, 6KRO with Bluetooth
Media Keys:Available as a secondary function
Dimensions:125 (L) x 315 (W) x 39 (H) mm
Cable Length:6 ft / 1.8 m
Switch Type:RK-branded Red, Brown, or Blue RGB mechanical switch
Backlighting:Yes, per-key 16.8 M RGB backlighting
Interface:USB, 2.4 GHz, or Bluetooth 5.0
Warranty:One year
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