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Samsung 840 Pro SSD 256 GB Review

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Samsung is one of the largest technology companies in the world. They make pretty much every electronic product you can think of.

Being a leader in DRAM and flash memory production, it comes as no surprise that they are also a player in the SSD business. They are actually one of the biggest players in terms of volume because their drives are used in Sony and Apple products.

Early last year the company caught the SSD market by surprise with the release of their 830 Series SSD, which was followed in late 2012 by the 840 and 840 Pro that provide awesome performance and focus not only on performance, but also on reliability and long-term performance stability.

The Samsung 840 Pro SSD we are reviewing today is not based on a SandForce or Marvell controller, but, instead, on Samsung's own creation, the Samsung MDX (S4LN021X01-8030), which is a triple-core ARM microprocessor.

Specifications: Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB
Model:840 Pro 256 GB
Controller:MDX (S4LN021X01-8030)
Flash Type:Samsung MLC, 21 nm
Form Factor2.5"
Capacity256 GB (238.5 GB usable)
0 GB overprovisioning
Interface:SATA 6 Gbps
TRIM supported:Yes
NCQ supported:Yes
Warranty:5 Years
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