Sansun Arctic 450W PSU Review 7

Sansun Arctic 450W PSU Review

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PSU Inside

Inside the PSU you find no serviceable parts or any trimmers to tweak the output voltages with. Opening your PSU voids your warranty, with this PSU there is no reason to do so.

Test Equipment

  • The PSU is connected to an APC SmartUPS which supplies clean 220V input.
  • AC current is measured using a Peaktech 4010 desktop RS232 multimeter with 0.02A accuracy.
  • To measure DC output voltages of the PSU we use a 20-bit data acquisition system calibrated to 10uV accuracy.
  • Power Factor is measured using a generic Power Efficiency Meter.
  • Measurements for Ripple Voltage were obtained using a 30 MHz HAMEG Analog/Digital Oscilloscope.

Sound level measurements are performed with an IEC Type 2 Sound level meter and this setup.
It consists of three high-power resistors and a Socket A motherboard. The motherboard creates a small load which makes sure the PSU turns on (some PSUs require a minimum load). Since there is no hardware installed in the motherboard, its power draw is negligible. The three resistors create a static load of 320W (120W @ 12V + 50W @ 5V + 150W @ 12V) - a typical high-performance system. This setup is also used to determine the power conversion efficiency of the PSU.
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