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Sapphire HD3870 X2 Atomic Watercooled Review

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AMD's current flagship graphics card is the Radeon HD 3870 X2. It comes with two RV670 GPUs on the PCB that run in CrossFire mode. As you can imagine this setup produces quite a bit of heat.

Sapphire who is one of AMD's biggest board partners has always been looking for innovative and exclusive solutions that will give them an advantage over the competiton. The Sapphire HD 3870 X2 Atomic Edition is just another example of that. It comes with a pre-filled, completely self contained watercooling solution on the graphics card. The additional cooling potential that watercooling offers also allows Sapphire to increase the operating frequency of the card.

Not only the card itself has been pimped out, the package itself screams "premium product" with its huge silver metal case and tons of accessories. Of course all this comes at a price. The Sapphire HD 3870 X2 Atomic Edition retails for around $550 with limited quantities available.

HD 3850
HD 3870
8800 GT
8800 GTX
9800 GTX
3870 X2
Sapphire HD
3870 X2 Atomic
9800 GX2
Shader units 320320112128128320 x2 320 x2 2x 128
ROPs161616241616 x2 16 x2 2x 16
GPURV670RV670G92G80G92RV670 x2 RV670 x2 2x G92
Transistors666M 666M754M681M 754M 666M x2 666M x2 2x 754M
Memory Size256 MB 512 MB 512 MB 768 MB512 MB512 MB x2 512 MB x2 2x 512 MB
Memory Bus Width 256 bit 256 bit 256 bit 384 bit 256 bit 256 bit x2 256 bit x2 2x 256 bit
Core Clock670 MHz 777 MHz 600 MHz 575 MHz 675 MHz 825 MHz 860 MHz 600 MHz
Memory Clock828 MHz 1126 MHz 900 MHz 900 MHz 1100 MHz 900 MHz 931 MHz 1000 MHz
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