Sapphire HD 4870 X2 Atomic Watercooled  Review 12

Sapphire HD 4870 X2 Atomic Watercooled Review

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Back in HD 3870 times Sapphire released a special overclocked edition of the HD 3870 X2 called "Atomic". Now the Atomic is back and has been updated to the HD 4870 X2 Series. The card comes with a pre-filled watercooling kit that also includes a CPU waterblock, which is a novelty. Asetek is the manufacturer of the watercooling components. Also included in the package is a large software bundle, loads of cables and everything else you could imagine. Not only the package has been improved, the clocks have been bumped up as well making the Sapphire HD 4870 X2 Atomic the fastest ATI card on the market. All this comes with a big big price tag of at least $600. While this may sound like much, Sapphire sold all HD 3870 X2 cards rather quickly, so I think this one will sell out fast too.

9800 GT
HD 4850
9800 GTX
8800 GTX
GTX 260
HD 4870
GTX 280
HD 4870 X2
Sapphire Atomic
HD 4870 X2
Shader units 1128001281281928002402x 8002x 800
ROPs161616242816322x 162x 16
GPUG92RV770G92G80GT200RV770GT2002x RV7702x RV770
Transistors754M 956M754M 681M 1400M 956M1400M 2x 956M2x 956M
Memory Size512 MB 512 MB 512 MB768 MB896 MB512 MB 1024 MB2x 1024 MB 2x 1024 MB
Memory Bus Width 256 bit 256 bit 256 bit 384 bit 448 bit 256 bit 512 bit 2x 256 bit 2x 256 bit
Core Clock600 MHz 625 MHz 675 MHz 575 MHz 576 MHz 750 MHz 602 MHz 750 MHz 800 MHz
Memory Clock900 MHz 993 MHz 1100 MHz 900 MHz 999 MHz 900 MHz 1107 MHz 900 MHz 1000 MHz
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