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Sapphire X1950 GT Review

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Package Front

The box styling is typical Sapphire, a white box with some kind of alien on it... oh it's a robot this time. The little window in the package lets you get a good look at the card's pretty blue cooler.

Package Back

On the back you get to know the features of the X1950 GT in several languages.


Inside the box you will find:
  • Sapphire X1950 GT graphics card
  • Software and Documentation bundle
  • S-Video Adapter and cable
  • Component output cable
  • 2x DVI adapter
  • PCI-E power adapter
  • Internal CrossFire connector
The package has everything you need to get going. The included CrossFire connector will be useful when you decide to link multiple RV570 cards together - any X1950 Pro, X1900 GT Rev. 2, X1950 GT can be used in CrossFire.
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