Sapphire X1950 GT Review 21

Sapphire X1950 GT Review

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The box styling is typical Sapphire, a white box with some kind of alien on it... oh it's a robot this time. The little window in the package lets you get a good look at the card's pretty blue cooler.

On the back you get to know the features of the X1950 GT in several languages.


Inside the box you will find:
  • Sapphire X1950 GT graphics card
  • Software and Documentation bundle
  • S-Video Adapter and cable
  • Component output cable
  • 2x DVI adapter
  • PCI-E power adapter
  • Internal CrossFire connector
The package has everything you need to get going. The included CrossFire connector will be useful when you decide to link multiple RV570 cards together - any X1950 Pro, X1900 GT Rev. 2, X1950 GT can be used in CrossFire.
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