SCUF Prestige Controller (Xbox/PC) Review 4

SCUF Prestige Controller (Xbox/PC) Review

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Packaging and Accessories

SCUF packages their controllers intent on providing a good unboxing experience, and it begins with a glossy sleeve over a cardboard box. The sleeve is reminiscent of a Microsoft Xbox product, with the Xbox logo and the SCUF company logo and product name on the front, along a printed render of the Impact in one of many available configurations. A note on top tells us it is compatible with the Xbox and, more relevant to us, the PC. On the back are the various features laid out individually via another render. We see salient marketing features listed on the side, alongside the list of contents, making for a comprehensive packaging if you do run into it at a retail store.

The inner box is also more luxurious than the average cardboard box, with a SCUF Gaming logo in the center of the textured black box. This too is a multi-piece packaging, with the top lifting upward to reveal the contents inside. Straight away, we see the controller placed inside a molded plastic piece that keeps it in place during transit, and the tag-line "Reinventing the Game" has been put at the bottom.

Underneath the plastic piece is more cardboard, which is where we see the accessories that come with the SCUF Prestige. Unlike the Impact, there is a pre-defined set of accessories that is also listed on the outer sleeve we saw above. These come inside a large plastic zip-lock bag and include the product manual, an online copy of which can be found here, and I heavily encourage going through it to make the most of the configurability of the controller. We also see the SCUF EMR (ElectroMagnetic Remapping) Mag Key, a note on the same, two replacement thumbsticks, a "0.9 mm SCUF Key", and a 10' braided black cable that goes from a male micro-USB connector on one end to a male USB Type-A connector on the other. This hints towards the use of micro-USB on the controller as with the native Xbox controllers, and the connectors are gold-plated to minimize oxidation. The replacement thumbsticks are a long domed black stick and a short concave black stick, in contrast to the two medium-height concave black sticks on the unit itself. Again, the pre-installed sticks are easily configured during ordering.

SCUF also decided to send along an accessory pack in the SCUF Prestige Player Pack to show off what else they have to sell in addition to the controllers themselves. This pack includes a SCUF universal controller case that fits all their controllers, a tube (~30 mL) of their GamerGrip non-sticky hand application which smells nice and aims to "keep your hands dry and improve your grip" as per the company. Lastly, it includes two short concave thumbsticks as replacement for the medium-height ones that presumably most go with the controller by default. These thumbsticks can be customized for color when ordering the player pack, with options of black, white, red, blue, and green to choose from, and the pack itself currently costs $19.95 for those who want it.
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