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SCUF Prestige Controller (Xbox/PC) Review

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If you missed our review of the SCUF Impact PS4/PC controller, you should read it. It introduces the SCUF brand to TechPowerUp readers, especially as us PC users may not have heard of them before. With CORSAIR having acquired them last year I suspect there will be more marketing targeting us, and getting ahead of the curve meant us having reviews of their offerings. I had hinted then that we would have coverage of their Xbox controllers sooner rather than later, and here we are with a look at the SCUF Prestige controller for the Xbox and PC platforms. Thanks again to SCUF/CORSAIR for sending a review sample!

The SCUF Impact I had received, as with the sample given to my colleague who also attended CORSAIR's press event at CES 2020, was a special one-off that is not a currently available design for end users. I wanted to rectify that with the Prestige, and it is easier to talk about the controller as a whole as the Prestige comes in a select package that includes a lot out of the box compared to the Impact with more options to choose from when it comes to accessories as the order is placed. The Xbox controller market is also a lot more competitive on the PC platform given extensive first-party support that is directly comparable to the SCUF offerings, but the design is ubiquitous enough to have many other companies bring out controller options, too. We will go over the SCUF Prestige in detail here to help you decide whether this is for you if you are in the market for an Xbox gamepad.
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